The oil painting has its origins in Northern Europe.
To our knowledge the oldest oil painting dating from the thirteenth century, however, Theophilus, German monk, in his treatise of the XII century Diversarum Artium ACHEDULA oil painting described as already known thing.
In the fifteenth century the brothers Van Eych refined this technique providing a more fluid oils. Antonello da Messina learned the new technique of Jan Van Eych and moved to Venice. There Titian was involved in the evolution of perfecting painting. Subsequently Rubens to Velázquez and Rembrandt influence, each of which will bring new techniques that other painters collected.
Finally is Goya who prepares the way that will lead to the Impressionists which give rise to great pop of color.
Currently we have big international brands: the American Williamsbourg manufactured by Thomas Golden, pioneer of acrylic paintings; the europeans Rembrandt, Blockx, Old Holland, Sennelier...; the spanish Titan that is not inferior in quality to any of these other brands, and also spanish Mir.
To our knowledge, the oldest factory dates back to 1933, its founder Felipe Jaurena created the brand and their children have improved.
Titan Industries began producing oil colors on 1950, first for the friends of their owners, the Folch family, then their products were distributed in the Art Gallery Art Gallery of Paseo de Gracia, and was Vicenç Piera Amat, founder of House Vicenç Piera, who through his nephew Miguel Piera, also manufacturer of industrial paints, a friend and classmate of Mr. Albert Folch, persuaded Messrs. Folch about artists' paints that could be profitable well distributed by specialized houses. So, Vicenç Piera was the first specialized in selling Titan oil colors for artists .
Oil painting is basically composed of pigments and vegetable oils. Has a creamy consistency that allows the artist to apply thick layers and fine particles, is a very versatile and easily malleable paint.
Normally oil painting is presented in formats of metal tubes 20ml, 60ml and 200ml, and large formats in 500 ml .


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