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Oil painting has its origins in Northern Europe.
According to our knowledge the oldest oil painting dates back to the 13th century, however, Theophilus, a German monk, in his 12th century treatise DIVERSARUM ARTIUM ACHEDULA describes oil painting as something already known.
In the 15th century, the Van Eych brothers perfected this technique by providing more fluid oil paints. Antonello from Messina learned the new technique from Jan Van Eych and transferred it to Venice. There Titian was involved in the evolution of painting perfecting it.
Later Rubens will influence Velázquez and Rembrandt, each of which will contribute new techniques that other painters will pick up.
Finally, it is Goya who prepares the way that will lead to the Impressionists who will give rise to the great explosion of color.
We currently have major international brands: the North American Williamsbourg manufactured by Thomas Golden, a pioneer of acrylic paints; the European Rembrandt, Blockx, Old Holland, Sennelier etc. ; the Spanish Titan that does not detract in quality from any of these other brands, and the also Spanish Mir.
According to our knowledge, the oldest factory dates back to 1933, its founder Felipe Jaurena created the Mir brand and his sons have been improving it.
Industrias Titan began to manufacture titan oil colors around 1950, first for the friends of its owners, the Folch family, then its products were distributed in the La Pinacoteca Art Gallery on Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona, and it was Vicenç Piera Amat, founder of Casa Vicenç Piera, who through the mediation of his nephew Miguel Piera, also a manufacturer of industrial paints, a friend and fellow student of Mr. Albert Folch, convinced Messrs. Folch that paints for artists could be profitable, well distributed by specialized houses. Thus, Vicenç Piera was the first house specialized in marketing Titán oil colors for artists.
Oil paint is basically made up of pigments and vegetable oils. It has a creamy consistency that allows the artist to apply it in thick layers and fine particles, it is a very versatile and easily malleable paint.
Oil paint is normally presented in 20ml, 60ml and 200ml metal tube formats, and for large formats in 500ml pots.
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