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With excellent coating power, easy brushstroke and good shape conservation, Liquitex Basics acrylic colors are the perfect acrylic for students and new artists. The 48 colors are designed for embossed applications, the range of 946 ml is 25 colors. And mixed with one of the many Liquitex mediums available, they can be adjusted for the work of any creative application. For whom are they thought? Students looking for coating power and bright colors. New artists looking for the properties of authentic artist pigments. Students and artists who want to create uneven surfaces of impasto.Ideal for experienced artists who want to have large quantities of permanent colors at affordable prices in a format of 946 ml. What do Liquitex Basic acrylic colors bring us? Bright color. Non-toxic acrylic paint. They are unalterable colors (all colors are ASTM I or II).


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