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We understand the fine arts as those arts which concern the expression of beauty through color, shape, sound, speech, and movement. Piera Fine Arts is a family business founded in 1941 and dedicated to the Arts since its inception, with a long tradition and a great knowledge of the industry. That's why we offer a wide assortment of items that will solve any artistic creative need. Here you will find everything necessary for the practice of the fine arts to both professional and amateur material. We also provide schools with those tools necessary for the realization of Visual Arts, drawing and crafts. We all need to experiment with different artistic techniques Material: oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor, pastel, encaustic painting, drawing, calligraphy, dry techniques, gouache, gold, engraved ... and all the accessories and brackets (racks, cardboard, paper, boards, easels, brushes, blogs and so on). We have the best domestic and foreign brands: Amsterdam, Archer, Artist, Artograph, Blockx, Canson, Caparol, Caran d'Ache, Catalyst, Charbonnel, Cobra, Colour Shaper, Contains, Copic, Da Vinci, Dacs, Dalbe, Daylight, Dragon , Edding, Emilio Freixas, Escoda, Exaclair, Faber Castell Fabriano, Favini, Garvi, Gillot, Golden, Piggy, Isabey, and Koh Noor, bow Tie, bourgeois Lefranc, Liquid leaf, Liquitex, MABEF, Manley, Marabu, Mir, Mixtion, Moleskine, Montana, Old holland, Paasche, Panpastel, Parramon, Piera, Reig, Rembrandt, encausthics RF, Schmincke, Sennelier, Sofft, Stabilo, Stillman Birn, Stubai, Talens, The Masters, Titan, Treasure gold, posca Uni, Vallejo, Van gogh, Korn W, Winsor and Newton, Wolff.
In our stores we can advise you if you wish on all our materials, and advise if in doubt about the operation or the instructions for each product. We also have a shuttle to deliver orders anywhere you choose (workshops, schools, businesses, private homes ...)


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