The brush is an instrument comprising a bundle of filaments which may be of various materials, usually of bristles secured to the end of a wooden handle by a ferrule and having the property of retaining liquids of different densities. It is a basic element to apply the paint on the medium of your choice.
The brush consists of several elements: the hair, the ferrule (metal part that holds the hair) and the handle.
The hair is the most important element, can be natural or synthetic hair.
Depending on the type of hair, the brushes can be fine or coarse. Brushes with fine hairs are most suitable for technical with liquid paint.
Brushes with thick hairs are most suitable for use with thicker paint.
We find two main types of brushes: round section and flat section, although there are others, like a fan. Flat brushes can be straight,or like a tongue (those whose end is rounded as a tongue).


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