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Golden specializes in meeting the needs of professional artists looking for the highest quality acrylics. Her unique system in the paint industry allows her paints to be combined with each other to reach any viscosity or color desired by the artist.

At Bellas Artes Piera we work with these ranges:

- Heavy Body Acrylics: pure and unique pigments, with excellent permanence and resistance. Special feature: smooth and thick consistency. A range of 113 colors. Its wide range of gray stands out. Available in: 60ml, 236ml, 473ml, 956ml and 3.78L. Also within the Heavy Body we find:

 - Iridescent Colors (with metallic-pearly effect) of 20 colours. In 60ml and 236ml.

 - Interference (they produce different reflections depending on the incident light and the angle) with 6 colors. Available in 60ml and 236ml format.

 - Fluorescent: 8 intense, bright and transparent colors. Available in 119ml and 473ml.

 - Phosphorescent: the only one that absorbs and stores natural and artificial light, and in the dark emits green light that lasts about 15 min. Available in 119ml, 236ml, 473ml and 943ml.

- Fluid Acrylics: with the same characteristics as Heavy Body, but much more fluid, thus allowing much smoother flow applications. Used for brush finishes, dyeing, for water techniques and much more. Available in 68 colors in 30ml, 119ml and 236ml formats. Here are also the Iridescent colors available in 10 colors. And the Interference range in 8 shades. At we can get it in 473ml (Black, White and Ultramarine), the Titanium White color is only available in 946ml.

- High Flow: allows us to use acrylic as if it were an ink, to fill markers, pens and airbrushes. 52 very fluid and intense colors. Available in 30ml and 119ml.

- Open: they have the characteristic that they dry much slower than the rest of the Golden range, maintaining their high concentration of pigments. We can buy them in 60 and 236ml.

- SoFlat: super matt acrylic from Golden, with greater coverage, fluid and soft. 40 colors that allow us to obtain completely uniform surfaces. Available in 60ml, 119ml and white and black in 473ml.


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At V.Piera we have a long experience in all kinds of stationery and fine arts supplies. In our stores throughout Barcelona, ​​Sant Cugat, Vic and Tarragona, we have more than 40,000 items in continuous stock, a fact that allows us to offer unbeatable prices, either wholesale or retail. Among our extensive catalog of products, the list of FINE ARTS in our online store of acrylics deserves a special mention.

ACRYLICS GOLDEN store. Great catalog in our online store of ACRYLICS. Born as a store of Fine Arts material, Vicenç Piera was offering more related products, Materials for Crafts, Fountain Pens, Stationery Material and Posca and Copic Markers for graphic design. Thick Mine Pencil, Thick Mechanical Pencil among many others. You are in our FINE ARTS store with all FINE ARTS products from our online catalog of FINE ARTS. Fine Arts Materials, ACRYLICS GOLDEN and store of FINE ARTS . Drawing material, canvas frame, charcoal, clay, acrylic brushes and all kinds of engraving paper and picture frames.

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