Acrylic paint is a kind of paint containing a plasticized material, is a fast drying paint, in which the pigments are contained in an acrylic polymer emulsion. Although acrylic paints are water soluble, when dried they are resistant to it. Particularly noted for their fast drying. When dry tone is slightly modified, rather than oil painting.
Acrylic paint is a relatively recent invention.
The secret of its success lies in the versatility of color, quick to dry, and diluted with water.
Acrylic paint born in the United States in the early twentieth century, and reached Europe in the mid-twentieth century.
Acrylic paint dries very quickly and can overlap without limit.
Acrylic paint is lightfast, non-yellowing, nor craquela time.
Mediums and other additives are used to modify some characteristics of acrylic paint, slow drying time and also allows matte, glossy or satin and transform the paint more fluid and transparent.
The varnish serves to protect the work and easy cleaning.
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