In this section you will find the need to practice the craft or any other creative art material. Schools and other groups also will find the need to make your workshops and practical material.In Vicenç Piera you will find the latest in scrapbooking material: paper, labels, ribbons, strings, buffers, wooden figures to stick on your creations, adhesives, templates for cutting or stamping machines like the Sizzix brand.Also we can offer a wide range of papers for decoupage, both rice paper, which allows a perfect finish, as napkins, both packages and units, and other specific papers for this use, as different types of glue and varnish.Mixed media lovers also have all the necessary equipment for this practice: racks of fabric and wood, oils, acrylics, pastel bread, crayons, pastels, Copic markers known, Fleur (chalk paint) with its impressive range of colors , washi tapes, and much more. We also have figures, letters and numbers, cardboard or paper mache, boxes, ring binder notebooks, notepads, pots, pans ... that you can paint and decorate to your liking.


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