In Vicenç Piera establishments you will find a very extensive assortment of pens for graphics, comics, illustration etc.
The pen is a writing instrument fairly recent, was created in Japan in 1962.
The most important parts of the pen are charging ink and felt tip.
The inks may be of different types: water-based, alcohol, permanent, etc.
The tips are usually felt or nylon and may have different shapes: beveled, brush, fine point, etc.
There markers such as the brand Copic are rechargeable, thus there is a significant savings because the casing and the tip is retained.
The Copic sketch palette is the largest with 358 colors!.
In Vicenç piera we offer a wide range of brands to choose the one you like: Copic, Edding, Posca, Dalbe, Staedler, Letraset Promarker, Sakura koi and Pigma micron ...
You also will find other options pen in the section of Fine Arts and school Supplies on our website.


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