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"Sennelier presents its new Abstract acrylic paint which meets all the qualitative requirements of the prestigious Sennelier brand. Made in France in Sennelier's color workshops. Culmination of 3 years of development and fruit of the know-how of SENNELIER laboratories.
The mixtures obtained with Abstract will be of unparalleled purity thanks to the 34 mono-pigmentary colors among the 60 shades of the range: 36 SATIN COLORS, 12 HIGH BRIGHT COLORS, 6 IRIDISCENT COLORS, 6 FLUORESCENT COLORS .
In addition, Sennelier's Abstract is packaged in a flexible pack with multiple advantages: Very nice handling. Very easy to transport: the bag, contrary to a tube, is very solid and resistant to pressure. The paint is better preserved since the air does not enter. With abstract you will use the entire painting, without any loss. Air bubbles that disperse the color in the palette at the end of the tube are finished.
Sennelier has developed paint tubes for de Staël and created the oil pastel for Picasso. Sennelier is a reference for artists since 1887, when Gustave Sennelier established himself as a druggist. 128 years later, Sennelier innovates again by launching the first range of acrylic paint for artists in an unpublished container. on abstract there are no unpleasant surprises in the choice of color: while the opalescent plastic of the tubes modifies the apparent color, the transparency of the abstract pack allows you to see the true color. There is no color difference between what you see on the outside and the color that is inside.


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