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Artistic technique that consists of the use of colored wax bars composed of vegetable oils and pigments, some colors are applied with a load such as calcium carbonate, to make them opaque. This technique allows us to obtain permanent, vivid colors with a smooth texture. Currently, we can find that some brands have developed water-soluble waxes (such as Caran d'Ache brand Neocolor II ), for watercolor effects.

It has many applications in the artistic world, these are some examples:

- Gradient and lighting effect : The white color allows us to create lights. We can also lighten the color and achieve a shade that goes from the most intense color to the lightest.

- Reserve for watercolor : the white wax will also serve to protect the parts where we do not want to apply color.

- Create an effect like a watercolor : once painted, we will pass a brush with turpentine essence, to blur the lines.

- make a sgraffito

- Texture : applying heat to the waxes (with a lighter, for example), they melt and give us volume effects.

And many more utilities within artistic techniques.

At Bellas Artes Piera online we will find: Manley waxes (used both for school and professional use) and Caran d'Ache waxes (with a more concentrated pigmentation, where we can choose between permanent (Neocolor I) and water-soluble (Neocolor II) .


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