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Acrylic Studio contains the same resin as Acrylic Artist Color, and many of the same pigments; the pigments selected for this range have been chosen for their permanence, purity and color intensity, always keeping in mind the purpose of offering an excellent product at a moderate and uniform price.
Acrylic Studio colors do not contain fillers of any kind, so that the colors have great strength and chromatic purity. They are opaque or transparent, depending on the nature of the pigment, and dry to a semi matte finish. The range of 26 colors does not contain any toxic pigments or derivatives of heavy metals, and does not create waste products which may harm the environment. The name and color index number of the pigments are stated on the labels and in the colorchart, so that the artist can study mixtures and develop his own colors with complete control.The heavy body consistency of Acrylic Studio permits all techniques, allows the artist to mix the colors with all mediums as well as extraneous materials and can also be simply diluted with water for more transparent applications. Presentation 5000 ml