Cobra is a genuine oil paint of artists' quality made by Royal Talens. After drying the paint looks the same as traditional paints. A key feature of Cobra oil colours is that it is water mixable. White spirit is no longer required to be able to work with oil colors. The Cobra water mixable oil is available from 2010. Its special formula, this oil painting can be mixed and diluted with water. With Cobra you can paint with oils without annoying inconveniences of solvents such as white spirit. The Cobra painting is characterized by its high quality and the ease with which the colors are mixed with water. Cobra All 70 colors are lightfast for at least 100 years and are distinguished by their enormous coloring power. To dilute the oil Cobra water is used instead of white spirit or turpentine, ie better health. In addition, different people can be painted in the same place without being exposed to harmful substances. If you are using Cobra pure, undiluted state, you can work perfectly wet on wet with strong strokes and stroke. If water is added, the table can be configured layers. And if you use lots of water, you can even create quartered effects. Brushes and other materials are easily cleaned with soap and water. The Cobra painting owes its name to the current renowned in modern art. It originated in 1948 as an international association of writers and European painters. The name is formed by the three capitals of the countries originating from the founders: Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam.


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