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Watercolor is a painting technique paper or cardstock colors diluted in water and applied with a brush. The colors used are more or less transparent depending on the amount of water that is mixed and sometimes reveal paper background, usually white and acts like a real tone. The product used to paint consists of pigments bound with gum arabic and honey. The watercolor painting by using transparent layers in order to achieve maximum brilliance and fluency in the composition being performed.
Can say that watercolor is linked to the invention of paper as we currently understand it, although China is already painted with water colors on fine silks many centuries before, and the Egyptians also used on papyrus scrolls .
The main characteristics of watercolour are its transparency. Of all the wet techniques it is one that places the highest demands on paper. It is consequently tricky, but essential to choose the right medium. You must choose a paper that can absorb a lot of water without crinkling and without the colours running. Watercolour paper must be perfectly sized to prevent pigments from reaching the core of the paper and to allow various washes to be superimposed, with repeated corrections. The brightness and transparency of hues must remain excellent, even after changes. Another feature is that there is no white un watercolours. With this technique, whites comes from the whiteness of the paper left untouched in the relevant areas. The colour of the paper is consequently important too. It must not change nor turn yellow with time. That is why is important tat watercolour papers must be naturally white, obtained without any optical brightness additives, wich might cause yellowing.
One of it's predecessors was Alberto Durero in the sixteenth century.
Italian Renaissance masters such as Raphael, Michelangelo, Da Vinci etc ... just used it for his sketches.
In England, the mother of the present watercolor, became a popular eighteenth-century art and great teachers out as Sandby, Turner, Mallord, or Constable among other siblings.
In our country one of the major precursors was Fortuny which was propeller Watercolor Center, now, Associació d'Aquarel·listes de Catalunya , one of the oldest associations of Spain art.
Oldest factory in Spain to our knowledge was the Casa Pescador which was created in the Gracia district of Barcelona on 1930.
After the Civil War came out other brands like Taker, Mir, Titan, but most recognized for its quality were foreign firms like Blockx, Schmincke, Rembrandt, Golden ... and the oldest of them, the english windsor and Newton currently owned by the french Colart, made in Lemans (France), but that nevertheless preserves always the same quality.
Most houses made a second quality not as solid, but much more affordable: Dalbe brehat, van Gogh, Schools etc.
In the market there calls very vivid color but little permanent liquid watercolors in time because are made with dyes, which are not lightfast.
The main characteristic of watercolor is that it is designed to be worked with water and applied on a paper support.
The big difference between watercolor and gouache is that the former has the property that all colors are transparent and instead gouache is opaque.
The watercolor is available in tablets (insets) or tubes.
Tablets are solid watercolors very nice to use especially if we paint outdoors.
A dozen colors would be enough to create a full palette.
The tubes are preferred when a significant amount of mixture paint is prepared .


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