The Gold Pan is a very thin sheet of beaten gold, it is widely used for decoration and restoration, through the technique of gold, on the surface of different artistic objects, for example in sculptures, icons, altarpieces, goldsmiths, furniture and Architectural surfaces, both exterior and interior. Gold leaf is presented in sheets that are extremely thin, and are obtained through the hammering of gold plates, or by constant pressure by means of rollers. The sheets of genuine fine gold pan are cut into a fine suede pad. The cut is made with a special knife of wide-leaf gilder that serves at the same time as a shovel to collect the gold from the booklet to the pad. Once the gold has been cut to the necessary extent, it is lifted and transferred to the object to gild, by means of a flat brush of marten's hair.
We also have fake gold or imitation pan, it has a greater thickness and although the look is very similar to genuine gold leaf is composed of a copper, tin or zinc alloy. Being thicker is much easier to work with, you can even grab it and place it with your hands. Unlike fine gold - made of true gold - these sheets tend to suffer the effects of the corrosion of the metals that compose it, which create patinas and oxides of different tones different to the gold. To avoid these effects, it is necessary to give a finish with a transparent varnish that isolates it from moisture.
It is presented in 25-sheet booklets, separated by tissue paper and measuring approximately 8 x 8 cm. And 16 x 16 cm