In Piera we offer you the widest range of presses used for printing metal engravings or engravings. An engraving press is a press for engraving intaglio engraving formed by two lateral supports on which rest two solid cylinders. The printing system consists of a pair of rollers that press a metal plate called a table or plate on which the engraved and inked plate is placed under the paper on which the stamp will be printed. When the drive mechanism of the machine is activated, the rollers, to which pressure has been applied by means of threaded spindles located at the ends, allow the passage of the ink from the engraved image to the paper, producing the final stamp also called engraving .
The two-roll metal press was propagated in France by Mr. Lefevre from 1803 and the system has been updated and improved. Initially created as a means to print the images recorded on single pages already printed by mobile types in flat presses, first devices used in the old printing for printing pages, with the invention of lithography and the discovery of chemical printing plates engraved with a burin, it began to fall into disuse due to the costly nature of its execution and led to the etching that was first used by artists as a means of experimentation that ended up being adopted as an artistic genre of its own.


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