Watercolor artisanal paper
This paper stands out from other watercolor papers due to its superior whiteness. This whiteness creates an extraordinary response to color, achieving more vivid and sharper white contrasts.
The special recycled cotton fiber blend, and our master touch, are characteristics of Garza papel that are prized by artists. The degree of absorption is ideal for Watercolor, Gouache and Acrylics, withstanding dampness and achieving excellent transparency. Garzapapel watercolor paper may buckle slightly after wetting, but once it dries it will recover nearly all its original shape and size.
The composition is 100% cotton. Very few papers can claim to be made out of recycled cotton, which is a popular composition in the field of fine art papers. This composition guarantees a live-span of many years, thereby ensuring the incorruptibility of the painting. The fact that lignin (wood fiber) is not used in its development also plays a vital role in the conservation of artwork over time, by preventing the yellowing and deterioration of the médium used.
A neutral PH that is a slightly alkaline is achieved naturally and without the addition of chemicals such as antacids, calcium carbonate, etc. .This also helps the watercolour paper resist ageing.
Its artisan development, manufactured individually sheet by sheet, allows us to present it with natural deckle edges on all four sides. Most papers on the market are trimmed or torn, as industrial production does not allow presentation with natural deckle edges on all four sides.
The use of recycled cotton fibers in Garzapapel watercolour paper also allows us to make our small contribution to sustainable manufacturing, using only recycled cotton for the production of handmade paper.
The natural medium-grained texture of great beauty, obtained by pressing the paper between wet wool felts on both sides, enhances the artisanal look of Garzapapel watercolor paper


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