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The main use of turpentine has always been as a solvent for paints and varnishes, it is ideal for cleaning paint utensils widely used to clean brushes. We pour turpentine in a brush cleaner boat, and put the brushes, without the bristles not touching the ground, to avoid deformation. For the removal of paint stains from surfaces such as cloth or wood, we will apply it on the stain with a cotton cloth. It is certainly one of the things that every painter should always have in his studio. The essence of turpentine is a natural product that is obtained from the turpentine that flows from the trunks and branches of the pines (Pinus palustris, Pínus taeda, Pinus caribean, Pinus pinaster, etc.), fir trees and the like.
Due to the harmfulness of turpentine, it is not appropriate to pour it into the sewer system or the ground. Turpentine is corrosive, so its ingestion produces a complex clinical picture


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