Molotow one4all
Molotow presents a range of very professional markers for the artistic world. They are acrylic-based markers, with very high pigmentation. Being acrylic markers dry very fast, and are very resistant even with the passage of time. They have a glossy finish and are the most opacity of the market. They can be diluted with water and acetone to achieve different effects.
Another feature that adds Molotow markers is that they are rechargeable, with an extensive assortment of inks that you can fill in the markers and also create your colors by mixing the inks. Molotow inks can be applied with different artistic techniques (marker, brush, airbrush, stamping ...) The tips of Molotow marker pens are also interchangeable and have an assortment of different thicknesses and shapes. Molotow markers have 4 different thicknesses of tips.
Molotow markers are suitable for most surfaces: wood, metal, leather, plastics, walls, papers, fabrics etc.


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