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The watercolor pencils Supracolor Soft offer the widest range of mining water soluble color with 120 finely nuanced colors.
Addressing all creative professions, the range Supracolor Soft offers a wide variety of applications due to the brightness of the colors and their excellent coverage.
Designed for large-scale works, tender mines off diameter of 3.8 mm, are nevertheless extremely strong.
Their lightfastness is exemplary.
The opacity of colors and high quality pigment they provide a very Ongue required to use. Pencil drawing can be washed, faded finger textured rub mine on sandpaper or fully watercolor.
The bodies of the rods are fully encapsulated and varnish in a bright color that matches the color of mine.
Soft pencils are Supracolor are designed and manufactured in the Geneva workshops of Caran d'Ache according to the quality requirements of the Swiss Made label and in accordance with environmental standards and certifications


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