The water-soluble fibre-tipped pens in luminous and transparent shades.
When it comes to the Fibralo range of fibre-tipped pens, the Maison Caran d?Ache has created a medium of choice for colour enthusiasts. Filled with completely water-soluble ink and offering a wealth of luminous, transparent shades, Fibralo fibre-tipped pens are designed for budding artists as well as professionals in the fields of design, architecture and every artistic sphere.
Colours take on vibrant watercolour shades or outline various shapes. The durability enables optimal use for up to three years. Even if the cap is left open, the ink retains its qualities for up to seven days without drying out. Fibralo fibre-tipped pens offer excellent writing length of more than 600 metres. Inks do not bleed through paper and are washable on most contemporary fabrics.
Swiss Made: The Fibralo range offers 30 medium-tipped colours and three metallic shades with excellent coverage. They are entirely developed and manufactured in the Caran d?Ache workshops, according to the quality standard criteria of the Swiss Made label and in compliance with environmental norms and certifications.


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